In April 2016, this blog called Olivia Chanel’s Galaxy of Books was created. Since then, the blog has grown a lot and has had its ups and downs, as all projects do. However, one thing that has remained the same is its core – a passion to share a love for books in innovative, informed, and interesting ways. Thus, in this blog, posts reflecting that can be found.


The person behind the blog is me, Olivia Chanel. I’m a 23-year-old English student who lives in the south of Sweden. The winters here are cold so the dream is to move somewhere where the winds are warmer and the ocean bluer, but the wifi is just as great (because how else would I write about all the books I love). Ever since I was a child I have been fascinated by the universe, the stars, the big bang, and it is from this fascination the name for my blog arose. This is not just my corner of the internet, this is my galaxy and because of its immense size, I would love to share this space with you.

If you want book recommendations, often given in unique ways, then this blog is for you. I always try to be inclusive through focusing on diverse books, on authors from marginalized backgrounds, and, furthermore, always making sure that there is a book to read for those that cannot afford it at the moment (which is why I recommend free books so often).

I believe in quality over quantity and I hope that you, so be it a book reader in search of new books or someone interested in collaborating with me in a more business-oriented capacity, will see that. If what you have seen so far is of interest, I hope you will follow my blog either through email or through WordPress and come say hi to me on Twitter (where I often spend my days fangirling about pop culture).


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