Literary Review Policy

The following page highlights my policy for reviews of literature, both novels and poetry and any other works that fall under the term literature. On this page, I underline how to contact me, what I include in my literary reviews, and whether and how I rate the literary works I review.



If you are an author or publisher and would like for me to review a book for you then you can contact me on my email address or through my Contact Me page. You can also send me an email if you would like for me to be a part of your blog tour. I read novels that fall under the genres Young Adult, New Adult and Adult and my favorite subgenres to those are contemporary, romance, mystery, suspense, and low fantasy.

I reserve the right to decline your review request by not answering your inquiry, especially during periods where I am too busy to reply. However, my aim is to reply to everyone who contacts me for a review on Stories in Space. I accept both ebooks and physical books as review copies. If a review copy has been provided to me, it will not be shared and/or sold to any third parties.


All of my reviews are based solely on my honest opinion. If an ARC or review copy has been provided to me, this will not affect my review in any way. It will be written and executed in the same manner as a review of a book I have purchased myself.

Review Structure

My reviews are based on my own opinions and will also include the following points:

  • Cover
  • A Goodreads Link
  • Genres
  • Published Date of Book
  • Purchase Links
  • Rating
  • Synopsis
  • My Review

The book cover picture and other book details will be taken from Goodreads or the author’s official website.

Rating Structure

In the past, I have rated my books on a of 1 to 5 scale (with planets). However, I have since then decided to omit ratings from my reviews as they do not accurately reflect whether I recommend the book I have read or not. Instead, I will highlight in whether I would recommend the novel or not and to who. If you follow me on Goodreads, you will see ratings on there. However, for the blog, I have chosen to shift the focus from ratings to my opinions and analysis of the books I have read instead.

For my reviews on Stories in Space you will encounter the following four different levels of recommendations instead of ratings.

  • Recommendation: I would not recommend this book.
  • Recommendation: I recommend this book with caution.
  • Recommendation: I definitely recommend this book.
  • Recommendation: I highly recommend this book.

Thank you so much for reading. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me through email or my contact page.