Zodiac Recommendations #7 Leo Books

Hi everyone, and welcome to my seventh week of Zodiac Book Recommendations. Every week I’m recommending books for one of the zodiac signs, starting with Aquarius and ending with Capricorn, after chronological order. This week I have three book recommendations for Leo.


This week we are embracing fire, the element of the Leo, the one that they carry inside of them. Like every other zodiac sign, the Leo have their strengths and weaknesses, and with these qualities in mind I have tried to find suitable book recommendations. I hope that whoever you are, whether you are a Leo yourself or someone who knows a Leo, you’ll enjoy these book recommendations.


For Leo I’m recommending the books below,

The books I’ve chosen are ones that I think celebrate Leo qualities in one way or another. I hope you’ll love these books, and maybe even find a new favorite. Check out my book recommendations for the other zodiac signs too. Next week I’m doing Virgo, see previous recommendations here.