August 2016 Wrap Up

August has been a great blogging month for me, I posted x posts all together and have gained a lot of new friends in the blogging community. As August is the last month of summer I have tried to enjoy as many day as I can, especially since I just started university again earlier this week and I have to focus on that. On Friday I leave for an 8 day vacation to Mallorca, Spain and I cannot wait to enjoy this beautiful island all over again. Since Sweden didn’t have much of a summer this year then I’ll definitely make the most out of this week. Updating will be a bit slower than usually but I still have a few posts scheduled for you.


Lets summarize August, now shall we!

Books Read

As you can see I’ve only read two books this month (I think I’m unfortunately in a reading slump) but I have reviewed them both and the reviews are linked below.

Books Reviewed

Other Bookish Blog Posts

First of all, I decided to attempt ARC August and though I did fail tremendously, you can read about the goal I set up for myself here.

Amy and I did another Moody Book Monday with the theme All Good Things Come in Threes,

This month I decided to join the band wagon and started doing Top Ten Tuesday posts. I love lists and a lot of their themes are just so exciting. I knew I just had to do a few of them. You can read my posts here,

When I started doing Top Ten Tuesday I stumbled upon the meme Waiting on Wednesday which is all about books we are anticipating, I knew I had to join that as well so here are my choices this month,

I of course posted several Freebie Friday posts this month. I definitely recommend you check them out. If you missed a week you might be lucky and find a book that’s still free!

I have also published a few book discussion posts, some book recommendations as well as a book tag I loved making,

Lastly, I introduced the Writing Cave part of my blog,

How was your August? Which books did you read? If you posted something you liked in particular then send the post to me, I’d love to read it!


What is the “Writing Cave”?

I bet some of you are wondering, what is the Writing Cave part of my blog? I thought I’d tell you guys and thereby introduce that part of my blog to you. For those of you who don’t know, I write. I have been writing for a while now, around 4 years and I’m currently working on two stories I love a lot. However, due to school and other circumstance I just don’t write as much as I would like to. Not nearly enough honestly, but I thought that by having this part of my blog I can write about my struggles, all of the ups and downs of my writing experience. I’ll update about my process, how I build characters and worlds. What works for me in terms of plotting etc. I probably won’t update often but I believe that it might motivate me to actually sit down and spend more time with these stories that I love with all of my heart.


Another exciting part, that is more on a personal note, is that this fall I’m starting a creative writing course at my local university. This is something I have wanted to do for such a long time but when I ended high school I went with on another path and started studying business administration instead. After having done that for two years, and the second year not going as I wanted, I realized that it was time for me to stop doing what I can’t stand and start doing something I love and have loved for such a long time.


Writing is my dream, my passion, and it’s something I want to do for the rest of my life. I want to read books, I want to write them and I want to always and forever enjoy the magical stories that come my way. Words are magical, you can read and you can write them. I’ll be doing both in my little writing cave.