ARC Review of Catch You by M. H. Soars

catch you mh soars

Catch You by M. H. Soars

Publication Date: April 12, 2016.

Publisher: Infinite Sky Publishing.

Genres: New Adult, Romance, and Contemporary.

Rating: 587264602.png587264602.png587264602.png587264602.png587264602.png

Selling points: Quality banter, amazing romance and crime solving.

Purchase here: Amazon

Synopsis: Pride and Prejudice meets Veronica Mars in this new Love Me, I’m Famous novella.

I had always thought Owen Whitfield fit the mold of the brainless jock perfectly. Group of idiot friends? Check. Vapid girlfriend? Check. Ego bigger than the moon? Check. As long as he stayed out of my way, coexisting with his kind was doable. Until one day our worlds collided, changing everything. He pissed me off so badly that I had no choice but to give him a taste of his own medicine. Little did I know that my act of revenge would come back to bite me in the ass. How was I supposed to know Owen would turn out to be the best partner in crime I could hope for?

I never paid much attention to Kimberly Dawson, but I knew who she was. Ice Queen was what we called her. She was gorgeous, no one could deny that. But she was also a condescending bitch which was enough reason for me to stay the hell away from her. She thought I was a dumb jock and that was okay until she came crashing into my life. Against my better judgment, I let her embroil me in her shenanigans, forcing us to spend too much time together. It was my doom. She got under my skin, she was all I could think about. I never thought I would be the knight in shining armor to anyone, not until she came along.

Author’s Note: Due to mature content, this novella is recommended to readers 18+.


Thank you Infinite Sky Publishing for my eARC of Catch You. I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review; this does not affect my opinion. Any quotes mentioned below are taken from the ARC and are subject to change upon publication.

Catch You by M. H. Soars reminded me of why I love to read books. I’m sure people have a thousand different reasons but one of the things I value the most is when a book makes me feel something. A good plot and well-built characters are of course also very important to me but often these come hand in hand. Catch You made me laugh, squeal and truly enjoy myself. There might even have come a moment where I was literally screaming at the book because of some very exciting scenes. It was just that good.

“She spins on her heel and walks down the cafeteria like she’s the queen of the universe. If I wasn’t so angry, I would have taken the time to appreciate the view. Shit, who am I kidding? She might be evil and crazy, but she has a damn fine ass.”

A lot of what made this book what it is is, of course, the characters, Kimberly Dawson and Owen Whitfield. To be frank when I first started reading Catch You I thought it was a young adult book due to the fact that these characters are still in high school, however, later on, I realized why it’s definitely labeled new adult instead *smug smile*… Anyway, before I get too carried away here with my feelings I’ll just go back to the characters again. Kimberly is known as the Ice Queen because she is seen as cold and evil whereas Owen is seen as just another stupid jock. However, as we get to know them we realize there’s more to their characters than first meets the eye.

Of course, an unexpected event in the school cafeteria and an involuntary group assignment makes the two of them have to work together even if they really can’t stand each other. There you have it, the enemies to lovers trope. One of my favorites. There is so much tension, so much banter, and so much spark between Kimberly and Owen and it’s a delight to read. It’s hot, it’s sexy, it’s a total tease and I freaking love every second of it. Catch You has the quality content I’m always looking for in a book.

However, this book also has a plot that I love. Like the tagline says, Catch You is Pride and Prejudice meet Veronica Mars. There’s suspense, mystery, and some good old crime investigating done by teenagers who probably shouldn’t be doing what they’re doing. It’s a real winner. It’s a concept that works and is done so well by M. H. Soars.

So when Catch You by Soars comes out, make sure to grab a copy because this is a sexy ride you don’t want to miss. It’ll make you laugh, scream, get your heart pumping and in the end, you’ll be thankful for it. Nothing beats romance, banter, and crime solving.


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