Welcome To Olivia Chanel’s Book Restaurant

Ladies and gentlemen welcome to Olivia Chanel’s book restaurant. Are you looking for a bite to read? To take a sip of a summer read or just take a dish of a dark and complex heroin for dinner? Then this is the restaurant for you! Down below you can see this week’s menu. We have a wide range of dishes, desserts, drinks and wines you can choose from.

This week’s House Special is a very adventurous and sexy dish, one that will make you taste the dreams of Las Vegas. This week the chef has chosen Amour Amour by Krista and Becca Ritchie.

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This week’s Main Dishes are dark and complex reads, where the ending might not be as happy as one normally would want. The characters are relatable and flawed, and the books also have themes of addiction, murder, and mental illness. They are books you’ll want to sink your teeth into. This week you can choose from the following main dishes,

The Desserts to choose from this weeks are all sweet and fluffy reads selected by the chef. They are about romance, a little bit of magic in the real world and stories that will just make you feel like cotton candy inside. I can promise you that the following desserts are delicious and will fill you with incredible sweetness,

The Warm Drinks Olivia Chanel’s book restaurant offer this week are fantasy reads about magical worlds and intriguing storylines. There are monsters, untamable deserts, uncontrollable nature, impenetrable darkness and wishes that can become curses. If you are looking for a warm and magical drink your choices this week are,

However, if you need some cooling down then perhaps one of the Cold Drinks is a better choice for you. If you pick one of the cold drinks you are in for a treat. All of these reads are about summer. There is ice cream, beaches, adventures involving water and swimming as well as magical movie sets. Take a sip of the summer of our lives by ordering one of the following drinks,

The Wines of the week are damn fine and obviously only for adults. If you pick one of these you are promised a sexy read, where the heroines and heroes are both in and out of love. It’s hot, it’s messy and it’s definitely 18+ but I can promise you that a glass of wine is sometimes just what you need. If you want something sexy then one of the following wines is just for you,

As mentioned earlier, the House Special is the dish of the week chosen by the chef of Olivia Chanel’s Book Restaurant. Picking the House Special this week will show you the ups and downs of Las Vegas, a wild adventure, the circus and love that is fierce. The heroine is a fighter and this book also features a large and incredible Russian family. The House Special this week is,

What will you be ordering at Olivia Chanel’s Book Restaurant? What do you think of the menu? Please let me know in the comments below!


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