Welcome To Olivia Chanel’s Book Café

Welcome back my fellow readers, pedestrians, and foodies!

For those of you who don’t remember, a while back my book restaurant Olivia Chanel’s Book Restaurant opened, where depending on what you were in the mood to eat got a few book recommendations. Since the restaurant went so well, the company has decided to expand and Olivia Chanel’s Book Café was born.

The first week of September has just passed, fall is slowly but steadily approaching, and with that comes colder weather and warm sweaters. Otherwise also called sweater weather. With this comes the need to sit down somewhere warm, such as a café, and grab a piece of cake and something to drink. Is it a cup of coffee you’re looking for or perhaps a calming tea, we have a lot you can choose from. If you’re feeling a little bit hungry, take a sandwich or a salad but if it’s something sweet and yummy you want then look no further. We serve donuts, pastries, and even cakes.

We at Olivia Chanel’s Book Café have everything you could dream of, take a sit and look at our menu before you order. Is a bite of romance or maybe a sip of thriller something you want? Pick and choose from the menu below.

oliviachanelscafemenu1  oliviachanelscafemenu2.jpg  oliviachanelscafemenu3  oliviachanelscafemenu6.jpg

First, we have our Espresso Drinks. These hot coffee drinks promise to give you a thrilling read with a bit of mystery to go. When ordering an Espresso Drink you get a book that is going to warm you up and take you on an exciting journey, with a little danger on the side. The Espresso Drink you have to choose from are,

If a cup of Tea is more of your style then don’t worry, these calming yet magical teas will give a read you will not soon forget. Take a sip of a story based on mythology, and travel to a place away from ours. The Teas you have to choose from are,

Do you want something cold and fruity to drink then our Smoothies is the right pick for you. Once you drink of these fruity mixed drinks you’ll experience the juicy times of college, and the romance that goes with it. If a college romance between new adults is what you’re craving, then the smoothies you have to choose from are,

When you’re looking for a bite to eat then perhaps one of our famous Sandwiches is the right pick for you. A bite from one of these sandwiches will take you into the future, one that’s dark and absolutely dystopian. If you’re hungry then let a young adult guide you into a dystopian future by choosing one of the following sandwiches,

If you’re looking for something lighter to eat then our Salads is just the pick. Choosing one of our salads will take you on a journey where ballet is the main attraction. Beautiful movements, light feet, and competition unlike any you have seen before all in one plate of delicious greens. If a salad is what you want then here are your choices,

You can sink your teeth into one of our Donuts and taste something unlike anything else, just like the vampires taste the blood of their prey in the following books. A yummy and juicy donut will allow you to read a book with vampires of different varieties, just choose from below,

On the other hand, if you rather want Pastries then we have a variety to choose from. When ordering pastries you are promised a story featuring characters in reality tv-shows. A lot more goes on behind the scenes than what you’d expect and if this is something you want then your choices are,

Lastly, we have our Cakes and you know how much we love those. If you pick one the cakes then you will get a book that features amazing bisexual representation, where the authors have nailed it like a piece of cake. If this with a touch of young adult contemporary romance is something for you then pick one of the following,

What will you be ordering from Olivia Chanel’s Book Café? Did you like the menu? Let me know in the comments below!


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