My Very Best Reads of 2016

Hi everyone! My blogging game has been really off lately, but I’m back, and I’m going to try to keep it that way since I want to become more organized 2017. Even though this might be considered late, I wanted to share my favorite reads of 2016 because these books mean so much to me and I want everyone to read them. I thought about ranking the books, but honestly, it’s impossible. My love for these books is great, and it can’t be compared book to book. Here are my favorite eight books of 2016, in the order of when I read them, first to last.



These books have seriously made my year, and taught me so much about myself and life. They have enriched my year. I would recommend them in a heartbeat without looking back. If you don’t have these books on your radar I really recommend you change that, as I hope these books will give you as much joy as they have me. What were your favorite reads 2016? Any books you’d like to recommend me? I’d love to know!



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