Happy Release Day To The Paths We Choose (feat. Author’s Dream Cast)!

Happy Release Day to The Paths We Choose by Maria Hollis!

We have reached the end of this release week and this amazing and enchanting book about Lily and Mayte is finally out. To celebrate this amazing day with you guys I have Maria Hollis’ dream cast of the characters in her book. They are just amazing, and you have to check them out below. You can add The Paths We Choose on Goodreads here and buy it on Amazon here.


First of all, we have the protagonist of The Paths We Choose, Lidiane “Lily” Monteiro Ferrari who is portrayed by Bárbara Ferreira. She is determined, organized and somewhat rude but loves her friends, her chosen family, more than anything. In The Paths We Choose you will see what happens after Lily and Mayte have a one-night stand at a party at Mayte and Chris’ shared apartment.


Next up we have the love interest of the story, Mayte Eliza González who is Chris’ roommate (Chris is one of Lily’s close friends) and the fancast for her is Kristina Elise. Mayte is kind and cares deeply for others. She has an architect degree and loves to create art. She is moving to Florida to do her masters, which is why Lily and Mayte keep things very casual between them after their one-night stand.


We also have Karen Matsumoto Mello and Maria’s fancast for her is Paula Kawanishi. She is one of Lily’s roommates and a very close friend of hers. She is an aspiring writer and has known Lily ever since they worked at an ice cream store together when they were younger. Lily says that it’s impossible not to love Karen due to her creativity and charm. Karen is the protagonist of the third book in the Lillac Town series.


Another character from The Paths We Choose is Hope Lauren Sheridan portrayed by Charlotte Mckee. She and Karen have shared their apartment for many years, with many different roommates before it finally became Karen, Hope, Lily and Anika. Hope is shy, loves literature and majors in engineering. She is waiting to be with someone she truly trusts and feels comfortable with.


Next up with we have Anika Mitra and Maria’s fancast for her is Sabrina Jetli. Anika is another roommate to the gang of Karen, Hope, and Lily and she is the newest addition to the group. She has three older sisters and a collection of really colorful stickers. She wants to major in gastronomy and is also the one who always remembers the food. Anika is in a long-distance relationship with a guy named Will.


We also have Christine “Chris” Alice Morrison and the fancast for her is Rebecca Leigh Longendyke. She is Mayte’s roommate and knows Lily due to their shared job at a local bookstore. At this bookstore, Chris also met her love interest Josie in The Melody of You and Me (the first standalone book in the Lillac Town series). Chris loves pizza, books, and music.


Last but not least we have our last character from The Paths We Choose, Josalie “Josie” Torres Navarro portrayed by Jane Oineza. Josie is Chris’ love interest, they met through their shared job and love of books. Josie’s passion in life is ballet and to be a ballerina. She really loves to eat cupcakes, it’s her favorite food in the world.

What do you guys think of the fancasts? Aren’t they just great? Have you bought The Paths We Choose by Maria Hollis yet? If not, you can do so here.



2 thoughts on “Happy Release Day To The Paths We Choose (feat. Author’s Dream Cast)!

  1. What a cute and colorful post Liv! I have the first one and I’ve been meaning to get to it but my ears just perked up massively at the teaser that the third book is going to have a Japanese protagonist. You all love this series so I’m excited to read ❤

    Eri @ Airy Reads


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