Everything You Need To Know About Reading Contemporary Poetry (with 40+ Recommendations)

Hi, galaxy travelers and book readers! Today is all about poetry, contemporary poetry to be exact. Have you been wanting to read poetry, especially contemporary poetry, but have no idea where to start or what books to read? Look no further, I’m here to help. Let’s start with the definition of poetry if you’re a newcomer to the subject.

Poetry is a form of literature that uses aesthetic and rhythmic qualities of language — such as phonaesthetics, sound symbolism, and metre — to evoke meanings in addition to, or in place of, the prosaic ostensible meaning (Wikipedia).

First of all, here are some quick facts that are good to remember about poetry. The thing about poetry is that it’s an art form you can consume in any way you like. There are poetry collections about love, about nature, self-growth and so much more. There are long poems, short poems, poems written in the form of a sonnet, haiku or in free verse. The possibilities when it comes to poetry are endless. What I personally love about poetry is the fact that I find them easy to read and that the really great ones have both inspired me and made me take a deeper look at myself and my life to relate to what is being said on the page. That’s why I prefer contemporary poetry over older poetry because it feels that much easier to relate to. Because of this, I have a couple of contemporary poetry collection recommendations for you all.

To make it easier to navigate the recommendations I’ve marked the books written by LGBTQIA+ authors with () and authors of color with (). I have marked my personal favorites with () and the free ones are marked with (ツ).


The first six poetry collections I have to recommend you are,


The next six contemporary poetry collections I have to recommend are,


The following poetry collections are also recommended,


Furthermore, I also have to mention the following poetry collections,


The next six poetry books I have to recommend are,


The following poetry collections also need to be mentioned,


Lastly, I have these six poetry collections to recommend,

I hope among these 42 poetry collections you’ll find one to fall in love with. I haven’t read all yet, but I’m so excited to. Do you have any poetry collections you want to recommend that I have forgotten to mention? I would love to know about them, especially any diverse ones.



13 thoughts on “Everything You Need To Know About Reading Contemporary Poetry (with 40+ Recommendations)

  1. This is a fantastic post! Last year I rediscovered my love of poetry and I loved many of the books on your list. Now I have a whole bunch to check out. Thanks for sharing ❤

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  2. That’s an amazing post, thank u so much for compiling it! There are some of my favs on this list & just this morning i read heaven or this based on ur rec on twitter actually so i’m sure i’ll find some more gems here!!
    Anyway, also wanted to add that Taurogarchy by Maddie is very much free & the author herself is bi. :>>

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    • Thank you so much and you’re welcome. Omg this is like the greatest thing I’ve ever heard, I hope you’ll find more poetry collections to read in this post 🤗 omg I had no idea about that, thank you so much for telling me so that I can correct that in my post!! 😃

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