My August in Books {#arcaugust, books read, and book purchases}

Hi everyone in the galaxy! Another month has passed and it’s been a really good one. During August I’ve read a lot of books (to be fair a lot of them were short but who cares, it was still a lot for me) and I’ve also bought a few more books than I usually do. I bought a couple of paperbacks for the first time in months (instead of just ebooks) so I’m very excited about those, both to read and to share them with you guys.

Books Read in August


I read 12 books in August and I’ve listed them all below in the order I read them in.

The ones I read for ARC August are marked with a star (☆). So, all in all, I managed to read 4 ARCS during August and I’m so happy about it. It was a lot more than I expected I would get through this month.

Paperbacks Bought in August + Library Haul


I also want to share the four paperbacks I bought this month (one which is a preorder). I bought the following paperbacks this month, and the last one mentioned is my preorder.

The books I got from the library (I haven’t borrowed books there in forever so I was really excited about this haul) are the four following.

Ebooks Bought in August


I also want to share the ebooks I bought during August. It was actually quite a lot, but to be fair, there were a lot of sales and I couldn’t stop myself. Ebook sales are the best, am I right? Either way, the following are the ebooks I bought this month.

What books have you bought and read in August? Were you a part of ARC August? Did you get a lot of reading done?


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