Diversity Spotlight Thursday #4 Enemies to Lovers Edition


Hi readers out there in the galaxy, welcome to my fourth Diversity Spotlight Thursday post. I haven’t done a post like this in a while but I’m so excited to be back. This meme was created by Aimal @ Bookshelves & Paperbacks and the point of the meme is to every Thursday feature three books that follow these points,

  1. A diverse book you have read and enjoyed.
  2. A diverse book that has already been released but you have not read.
  3. A diverse book that has not yet been released.

If you are interested in joining the meme, you can read the rules and see more of how the meme works here.


A diverse book I’ve read and enjoyed

A diverse book I’ve read and enjoyed is A Crown of Wishes by Roshani Chokshi. This young adult fantasy is honestly one of my favorite reads of the year. The book has both lyrical writing and amazing characters. The main characters Vikram and Gauri are from enemy kingdoms, where Vikram is courageous and witty and Gauri is headstrong and has a hidden soft side. If you want a book that has an amazing “enemies to lovers” story, with adventures and characters to invest in, A Crown of Wishes is really a great choice. I fell in love with the banter, the love story, the world, and the writing. You can find the book on Goodreads and Amazon.

A diverse book released and on my TBR

However, a diverse book released but I haven’t read yet is We Go Together by Carla de Guzman. It’s a young adult retelling of William Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing and is about Bea and Ben who used to be together and in love but are now are angry, bitter rivals who can’t seem to get along. This book is a #romanceclass novel (and you know how much I love #romanceclass) and on top of that, the “enemies to lovers” trope is always amazing. I’ve had this book on my Kindle for ages but I’m excited to read it soon. Find the book on Goodreads and Amazon.

A diverse book not yet released

Down by Contact by Santino Hassell is a diverse book not yet released that I’m dying to read. Down by Contact is the second book in The Barons series. The reason why I’m so excited for Down by Contact is that I loved the first book, Illegal Contact, and I have a strong feeling the sequel will make me feel the same way. We were introduced to Simeon, one of the main characters of Down by Contact, in the first installment of the series and I’m already in love with him. I can’t wait to see this “enemies to lovers” romance evolve, 2018 could not come sooner. You can find this book on Goodreads and Amazon.

What diverse books have you read or am excited to read? Have you also made a Diversity Thursday post? If yes, link it to me!



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