Songs To Make You Stay by Jay E. Tria / A Book Playlist

Hi, people out there in my book galaxy! How are you doing? I’m here with a new blog post for you all and it’s another Galactic Book Playlist. Fun, am I right? I’ve honestly made more playlists this summer than I ever have before and it’s just the most exciting and fun experience; creating these playlists is almost like reading these books again. These playlists give me a chance to both find new music and relive the feelings I had when I first read the books. It’s the best combination. Expect a lot more of these playlists to come in the future.

This playlist is for the book Songs To Make You Stay by Jay E. Tria. It’s the last book in the Playlist series and it’s the novel that finishes the story of Shinta and Jill. I have also made a book playlist for the second book in the series, Songs To Get Over You, and you should definitely check that one out as well, which you can do here.

This book playlist is a celebration of the strong love that clearly exists between Shinta and Jill. Despite all the obstacles, the distance, and the uncertainness, it is so clear that they love each other deeply and that they want to spend their future together. As always, if you haven’t read this amazing series yet, I really hope that you will. You can add the book on Goodreads and purchase it on Amazon. If you love amazing romance stories, books with musicians and actors, sexy men with abs (haha Shinta okay!), writing that is easy to read and filled with universe metaphors (my favorite) please do take a chance on these books by Jay E. Tria.



You can listen to the Songs To Make You Stay book playlist either on Spotify or on YouTube. I hope you’ll enjoy the lyrics, the melody, and the vibes this playlist tries to convey. It’s hopeful, playful, and romantic. Let me know what you think of the playlist, either in the comments or on Twitter!



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