My Book Haul from Sweden’s Annual Book Sale


Hey there aliens! I’m with you here today to talk about something super exciting, my book haul from Sweden’s annual book sale. This book sale occurs every year at the end of February and every store that stocks books decide to put out a number of books for discounted prices. Usually, since I only read English and book prices are a lot higher here, I don’t tend to buy books in Swedish bookstores but this year I really managed to grab some amazing books for a great price. I can’t wait to share my finds with you. I hope you’ll find it as exciting as I do.


Edgar Allan Poe Anthology Collection

The price for this collection was 80 SEK (∼ 8 EUR) and I bought it at the Swedish bookstore called Akademibokhandeln. I bought this one because the book is actually gorgeous, I have heard great things about Edgar Allan Poe, and I just felt that it was a great addition to my book collection. Poe is a legend, a classic, and I have been intrigued by him since one of my favorite high school teachers spoke about him in class.

Shadowshaper by Daniel José Older

Shadowshaper was 40 SEK (∼ 4 EUR) and I bought at the amazing store called Science Fiction Bokhandeln. I had my eye on this one since I spotted it was going to be on sale during this campaign. I bought this book because it was cheap and I have seen this book around a lot. The amazing blurb of the book, involving graffiti, magic and more, together with everything I’ve seen and heard of the book I just knew I had to have it.

Last Call at the Nightshade Lounge by Paul Krueger

This book was also bought at Science Fiction Bokhandeln and was 50 SEK (∼ 5 EUR). Last Call at the Nightshade was an impulse buy at the last minute. I saw it on the bookshelf, not knowing it was going on sale, and instantly recognized it. I grabbed it, read the synopsis on the back and remembered that some of my friends had talked about it and my friend Sue loved it, which was how I knew I needed to have it.

False Hearts by Laura Lam

False Hearts was 40 SEK (∼ 4 EUR) and I also bought this one at Science Fiction Bokhandeln. I bought it because the blurb sounded epic: the book is about formerly conjoined twins and is filled with fantasy elements (and I heard there might be a queer character in the book as well). I cannot wait to devour it.

The Long Ride Home by Danielle Lee Zwissler

The last book I bought was The Long Ride Home and it was the cheapest book I bought during the sale, it was only 16 SEK (∼ 1.6 EUR). I bought at the online bookstore called Adlibris. It is a romance novel (I love romance) and Goodreads reviewers said the book is going to make you cry which is why I was sold, and thus, had to have it.


Have you guys bought any exciting books lately? Do your countries have any special annual book sales? I want to know all about them!



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