Two Year Blog Anniversary for Olivia Chanel’s Galaxy of Books!


Hi there, galaxy travelers! I hope you’re all doing okay. As the title of the post suggests, today is the two year anniversary of my book blog, Olivia Chanel’s Galaxy of Books. I can barely believe it’s been two years already, it has been a blast. The posts I’ve written, the books I’ve read, and the authors I’ve interviewed and met, it has been an amazing experience. Also, did you guys notice my new layout on the blog? Tell me what you think? I felt that after two years I really needed something new and I want to hear your thoughts on it.

Moreover, I know I have been a bit MIA lately, mostly because of University and the massive workload that comes with it. However, I am still at it and am working on blog posts and book news I hope you’ll all enjoy. If you’re waiting on something from me, you hopefully won’t have to wait for too long.

For this blog post, I want to do a couple of things. I want to share a few of my favorite blog posts I’ve made over the years, tell you a few of my goals and ideas I have for the blog, and let you know about all the cool things I’ve experienced since the start of my blog two years ago.


Favorite Blog Posts Through the Years


Favorite Books Reviewed on the Blog Through the Years


Goals for the Blog and Other Social Media Accounts

Goal 1. I really want to do a lot more blog hopping. If I’m being honest, that is the one thing about blogging I really haven’t gotten that good at. I want to interact and connect with book bloggers on more than just Twitter (which is where I’m most often found, and I don’t always talk books there) and blog hopping would be a great way to both support people and find new people to talk to.

Goal 2. Update my “about me” page and commision an artist to draw my portrait. This one might sound super simple but my about me page is the only thing about my blog I haven’t really updated because I just don’t know what to do with it. I want something fun and unique if you have ideas/tips/etc. I’m all ears. Moreover, although selfies are great, I would really love to have a drawn portrait of myself as the picture of me on my blog because I think that’s really cool.

Goal 3. I want to start a shop on Etsy and start using my bookstagram more. I love making bookmarks and other crafty things and I would love to start an Etsy shop to sell those for a cheap price so that others can enjoy those bookmarks as well. Moreover, taking book pictures of my books and my bookmarks is something I really want to do more of. It is so much fun taking and sharing pictures of your books.

Goal 4. Read and review more backlist books. I own way too many unread books at the moment, about 80 to be exact, and I want to really start focusing on those books and also review those books on my blog as well. I know sometimes it’s easy to just review advanced review copies as a blogger because those are new, shiny books which you have to review but I want to change that mindset so, hopefully, that means you’ll see a lot more backlist reviews from me soon.


These are just a few of the goals I have the blog, and if you enjoyed hearing about them, I might do a full blog post with more goals and ideas I have for the blog and other social media accounts connected to it. Lastly, I just want to thank all of my followers, the people who read my posts, like them and/or comment on them. It’s really nice to know there are people out there who actually want to know what I have to say on topics about and revolving books. Here’s to hopefully two more years on Olivia Chanel’s Galaxy of Books and the many amazing books we’ll discover on the way.





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