Books I Read in Gran Canaria (ft. #romanceclass titles and an anticipated poetry read)


Welcome galaxy travelers! I’m back with a new blog post, one where we get to catch up and I get to share some fun news. I know I have been away for quite some time, only blogging sporadically, but summertime is upon us and that means more time for reading and blogging. Between June 4 and June 11 I was on vacation in Gran Canaria (one of the Canary Islands which are a part of Spain) and during that time I got a lot of reading done. I thought I’d share the books I read with you. I read six books during my vacation and all of them were great reads. The following are the books I read, in chronological order, each with an individual rating.


Second Wave Summer by Jay E. Tria, Six de los Reyes, and Tara Frejas. I rated this one four planets out of five and I truly enjoyed this anthology. The book had the popular and amazing tropes meet cute, second chance romance and age gap (where the heroine is older). The stories were unique yet all connected which was really cool and a lot of the characters were artists or actors which I loved.

What Kind of Day by Mina V. Esguerra. I rated What Kind of Day four planets and as always Esguerra delivers an excellent romance story. In this, the heroine is older than the hero and I love whenever this trope shows up. This book is about working on creating good days and finding the balance between your passions, hobbies, and work.

soft in the middle by Shelby Eileen. This is a poetry collection I really anticipated and I liked it. I rated it three planets out of five. However, I would not rate it any higher because even if I liked it, I just wasn’t as amazed by it as I thought I would be. This collection is about love, heartbreak, body image, and so much more.


What About Today by Dawn Lanuza. This novel by Dawn Lanuza got five out of five planets from me and was truly the perfect summer read. It is about a girl and a boy who have the cutest meet cute and spend an entire day at an amusement park. This book is just soft and fluffy and I love how both the main characters manage to grow in the short span of a day.

The Boyfriend Backtrack by Dawn Lanuza. Out of all of the books I read during my vacation, this one was by far my favorite — clearly worth five planets and more. The book is about Regina who, after her boyfriend proposes, gets a flashback of all of her exes. After this, a journey starts that will lead her to her one true love. This book has honestly blown me away and I want everyone to read it.

The Hometown Hazard by Dawn Lanuza. I also rated The Hometown Hazard five planets and this one is a romance and mystery all wrapped up in one. The main character is one of the best friends of Regina from The Boyfriend Backtrack and I just loved to see more of Jules. This romance is between Jules and her childhood BFF’s younger brother Kip and it will truly make you get all the feels.

Those were the six books I managed to squeeze into my one week vacation and I honestly love the feeling of reading this much again. Now that I’m on summer break from University (my first year of English Studies is done yay!) I cannot wait to read and dedicate more time to my blog. Moreover, now that I’m back in Sweden and have more free time, I have finally managed to update my ‘About Me‘ page. I haven’t had the time or the inspiration for that before so I’m glad I finally figured out what I wanted to do with it. Let me know what you think of it!



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